Home China - Textile and Garment Export down 9.03% in First Quarter

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According to Customs data, the accumulated export of textile and garment were 34.062 billion USD in the first three months, down 9.03% to the same period of last year. Nevertheless, it shows a little recovery compared with 14.54% negative growth rate in first two months. The textile export were 12.017 billion USD, down 15.6%; garment 22.045 billion USD, down 5%.

While the export of textile and garment in March were 12.146 billion USD. It is 5.489 billion USD more than that of last months, up 82.23%; and 350 million USD than that of last March, up 2.96%. Of which, the textile export were 4.732 billion USD, down 6.35% to last March; garment export 7.423 billion USD, up 9.92% to last March.

The expert mentioned that although there was some recovery compared to previous months, but the accumulated export was still negative growth. The major drive for export is still market demand. The other factors are secondary. Only the whole economic situation turns better, should the recovery of Chinese textile and garment export be realistic.

Source: Cntex News